My trips to the Ensenada with Pedro Cotillo.


Pedro took me to Casa Betania, when I had lost faith in a big way. Going with him was deep conversations along the way, passing by the little elephant that indicated we were close.

The conversation I remember most is when he remarked that my dreams had already been fulfilled and that I needed bigger dreams..... And when I realised and understood that.... Walking up the police station they saw a crying Leo with his eyes and heart open.

Without those conversations and without him in my life I wouldn't be where I am and I wouldn't be dreaming those new bigger dreams. And I thank you for being the community that held him, embraced him and loved him. I thank you for embracing and embracing me too.

These days I felt like a stranger among so many people I didn't know or perhaps putting faces to names I have heard from Peter. And today you have made that space in the wake become the sisters' house, the safe and happy place where the volunteers find refuge and rest "BETANIA". Thank you 🫂