Original version in Spanish

Thank you Lord, for Pedro's life!

The Lord, from time to time, gives us people who are special. We don't know why, but we like to be with them. That has been our experience with Pedro Cotillo, a smr volunteer from Lima. Pedro, despite being from Lima all his life, had never set foot in a place like the Ensenada, his world was a different one, but since he entered our lives for the first time, on Sundays of solidarity, he never left. The hills of the Cove, the experience of solidarity and the life of the sisters, as he said, touched him and united him forever with us, the sisters of Marie Reparatrice and the missionaries of Casa Betania smr.

That was his experience, what he said, but we have our own. I remember every time we saw Pedro's red carriage going up the Ensenada hill..... Joy invaded our house, because he had that something that fills the lives of others with joy. Pedro always came with some new thought, some concern that brought him upside down and that he would pass on to us during our long conversations over lunch around the round dining room table. How many shared dreams, how many plans, how many conversations, how much BEING, simply BEING, sharing friendship.

Pedro was a good man, helpful, always thinking about his life and his faith, always wanting to be more coherent, more helpful, more supportive... His smile was ahead of him and that warm, friendly, grateful look in his eyes.

Thank you for your life given in the hills of Ensenada, Thank you for your time with young people, accompanying their lives and opening new horizons for them, Thank you for your sensitivity, which never left you still.

Thank you, Pedro, for being for us a sign of the Gospel, a living and current Gospel. Thank you Peter for your friendship. You will always be with us.

Our congregation is ever grateful to you.

Sisters of Ensenada and volunteers of Casa Betania smr.