I am grateful to God for the gift of Reparatrix family and the gift of each Sister in our congregation who strive to accomplish the work of reparation wherever they are.

My experiences as I was following and listening the sharing of our Sisters in different countries and communities. I was happy and grateful to God for our closeness, openness to share what each community did and is doing for the work of reparation towards the transformation process. I can see that our charism is alive, which gives me hope and strength to continue giving my best in what I do for the work of reparation. For example, when I reach out in my apostolate, I give my time for the people I visit in order to listen to them with tenderness.

The readiness and commitment of the elderly sisters has helped me to move on, to look forward to what is really helping me to offer myself for the good of the congregation thought the activities I am doing in the community day by day. This also has helped me to respect each member in the community where I am, I feel that each one is very important, and God calls us to be united.

However, I felt sad when the sisters were sharing about the closing of many communities. What came to my mind is the future of the congregation. At the same time, I am grateful to God because the few sisters who are working in each country are doing their best without calculation. It calls me to remain hopeful and to live in the present moment, to respond God’s call every day with commitment.

The deep desire to follow the voice of God from sisters of Spain has helped me to have attentive listening to the Sisters I live with; they are the representatives of God visible in my life. God is working tem to transform my life into a better person as I desire to imitate the life of blessed Emilie in order to find a way of encountering God in the service of our sisters and brothers. In this I feel an invitation to remain open so that I may be able to receive the work of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you.