Remain in my love (JN, 15; 9) this is the phrase that has been guiding me and it continues to guide me always to find unconditional love of God in everything.

In honour of this great day in my life, we began with vespers on Saturday, July 22, 2023 with Sisters Susana Gallardo provincial superior of Mexico/ Guatemala, Celia Guadalupe Muzquiz, Provincial councillor, the sisters of the two communities we have in Guadalajara and the sisters who came from other communities to be present for my perpetual vows and the two associates who came from San Luis Potosi.

All of us as Reparatrix family we gathered in our community Calle Dia. We had prayer where we sang, listened to, and read numberNo.108 of the Cons, No.2 of the letter of our Foundress, Psalm 137 and the gospel of John 15; 5 -7 and then we shared. It was a moment of thanksgiving for the vocation, blessing and recreation. Everything was very organized, the sisters did not miss any single detail according to our Reparatrix culture. Thank you very much dear sisters.

On July 23, 2023, at 2:00pm Mexican time, was one of the greatest moments of my life. After a preparation of years as temporary professed sister in the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix, I professed perpetual vows! Being finally professed I am now a full member of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix. I know this is the path God has chosen for me to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

As the celebration began, I was overjoyed. Through the presence of my Reparatrix family, the fathers, friends Parishioners of Saint Lazaro Parish, my Cousin representing my family. I felt loved, supported which gave happiness and peace. I was delighted by the sisters, friends, and family members watching my perpetual vows ceremony via live stream. I am very grateful to all the support.

The Eucharist was celebrated by the parish priest of the parish of Saint. Lazaro, Father Héctor Ramiro Quevedo Saavedra a diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara Jalisco México. And was concelebrated by three priests Father David Gutierrez Murillo the Curate of Saint Lazaro Parish, Father Emmanuel Barongo of the White Fathers, and Father Alfred Tumwesigye my cousin of Mbarara Archdiocese Uganda now working in the United States of America.

Father Hector in his homily said that, "the vocation that God gives us is a vocation of love, an invitation to a personal encounter with God, with his love and with his person in Jesus Christ because without this encounter with Him we can do nothing. He continued saying that, “Resty has found that love and the sincerity of her response to the love of Christ will lead her to live and serve others with simplicity, joy, and a fraternal lifestyle that always welcomes all".

Celebrating the Perpetual Vows, I feel it was to celebrate the life received, given, shared, and dreamed which filled me with joy of a Yes that I developed for a long time and I expressed it finally on July 23, 2023. That day was a sign of sharing culture, love, peace, tranquillity and joy. I experienced the presence of God and seeing all the people of God happy left me with feelings of gratitude.

It was special for me to receive a gift of the ring, which is a sign of covenant to express my fidelity, love, commitment and faithfulness to my God, but shared with my sisters and brothers. Being welcomed in the congregation as a full member and being able to hug all the Sisters of the Congregation present, after the ritual was unique and dear to me. I felt a continued sense of belonging and love of My Congregation.

The Experience of prostrating was very profound, it was an intense sense of surrendering myself to God, offering God my life and asking for continued guidance. This time was so special to me, I felt all the Saints in heaven and the community present praying with me. It was a humbling experience to ask God to receive me forever.

I was moved by the beautiful dances, songs which they sang in three Languages and all the environment in the Church. I felt God’s blessings and love as I listened and experienced all.

My perpetual vows were received, in the name of the Congregation, by Sr. Susana Gallardo Jasso the Provincial Superior of México/Guatemala.

It was a thanksgiving to my family, friends and to the Congregation of Mary Reparatrix which is the place where I live my consecration while building the Kingdom of God with others. I thank God for my vocation, for making me feel immensely loved and chosen to be His forever.

I am very grateful to the Congregation, the general council, the Province of México/Guatemala most especially to the Srs. Susana Gallardo, the sisters of the community Nuestra señora de la visitación 1o de Mayo and all the people of the parish of Saint Lazaro for all the preparations, organizations, prayers, decorations, the youths who were in charge of taking the photos and videos, the team that transmitted the celebration of the Mass. Thank you very much.

The Ceremony was beautiful, simple and powerful with a big cake for everyone who came to share, drinks and special types food according to Mexican Culture it was really amazing.