I thank the Lord for the transformation process which has enabled me to grow spiritually through the sharing of our elder sisters in different countries. It was a good moment for me to listen and to know how my sisters are living the work of reparation. I am grateful to the general council, for their creativity to come up with the system of using zoom which has helped me to be in touch and connected with our sisters who are living in different countries. This zoom system has enabled me to know and to understand what is going on and what our sisters are experiencing in their countries and this calls me to live in solidarity with them through prayers.

While listening to the sharing of our sisters who lives in Mauritius Island I was touched by their hospitality and generous heart whereby they were able to welcome a former SMR sister in their community and accepted to stay with her. This made me have a great conviction that our sisters put into practice of what this transformation process is requiring us to live. For example, it calls us to open our homes to welcome and live with other people. I feel an invitation to live this by opening my heart widely to welcome every event, the needs of the world and the congregation, also to know how to welcome the new structures, and read signs the of time.

Listening to the experiences of our sisters from Ireland, was a touching story which made me feel sad. I felt that it was not easy for them to leave their place and go to another place and also to adapt. I thank God that our sisters were able to accept and welcome the will of God to be done in their lives by accepting to leave and go to a new located place which was provided by the congregation. I was touched by the quick response and the care the congregation gave to our sisters in which I feel that they were consoled when they received support. This love and care of the congregation has made me understand what reparation means and to know that reparation begins at home. It has helped me to be open to the reality and also to be mature in reasoning. It is my desire to live reparation wherever I am and also to be ready to welcome the will of God in my life.

This process of transformation has helped me to know that letting go is easy when I have faith, hope and trust and in this, I see that it is through these values that our sisters are able to move on. They have faced some challenges but because they are living in hope and they have love for our congregation that is why they change problems into opportunities which has made them to remain strong in faith. It is my desire to receive these graces in order to strengthen my faith hence accepting and letting go.

I am grateful about the fidelity and the trust our elder sisters have in the new generation by accepting us the younger sisters to go further to expand the mission. I receive it with an open heart because their trust is in us. I feel called to hold it with care and to treasure it because it is a gift from God through our elder sisters who are full of wisdom and it helps me to be open to every mission of reparation. I continue to pray for this transformation process.