I am grateful to God for His presence in the congregation and for the Holy Spirit who is guiding each member to respond to the call of reparation in our different realities. It was a pleasure for me to attend zoon meetings during the sharings of different provices/ regions. I experienced the spirit of fraternity and togetherness as one family which was expressed freely and spontenously in greetings, sharings and encouraging messages every after sharing. This reveals to me that love and concern for each other is a tool that I need to hold on taking into account what the other person is going through and try to Identify with their needs.

It was a re-shaping and re-molding moment of my understanging, listening and learning from the different realities of our sisters. Their sharing allowed me to develop empathy which is an important life skill. With the process they are going through of accepting their lack of strength, their vulnerability and fragility and lack of vocations especially from the provice of Spain. These helped me to accept myself, my strength and weakness with an open heart to allow the process of overcoming my limitations with awareness of the things I can do at this stage and those that are beyond my strength.

Coming to know the reality of our congregation that the number is decreasing day after day and many sisters are becoming weak, I feel so sad. I was encouraged by our eldery sisters with their positivity which teaches me to find God in every situation. The sharing of our sisters from Spain and Mexico, Guatamara, I was challenged with their availability to listen to the cry of needy and I felt called to stand firm and be Mary of my time. I feel a stong zeal to make the charism of reparation explode. It is my desre to live like a boom blast so that repation may reach out to all the ends of the earth.

I value the small gestures of my daily life like sharing my happiness which is a gift from God, being present to give a quick response where need be, kind in approach and celebrating with others. I believe that the love of God is transmitted to his people through these gifts He bestowed upon me. I am conviced that it is God who helps me to expand the charism even without my awareness but with His grace. My only response is to seek wisdom not only in books but also in my daily experiences.

I learned how to deepen the charism from within from the sharing of Britain/ Belgium.. this experience has helped me to grow so strong inside that nothing on the outside can affect my inner wellness. It has helped me to love others and let myself be loved, to appreciate and see best in others than comparing. I feel accepted and supported in my community and I have also moved my hands to meet the needs of others through caring, giving a hand to support in the difficulties realities of our community like emptying and cleaning of water tanks. Love for my community and serving others pleases my soul.

I discovered that the world is in need of healing after listening to what is happening in Spain; the reality of unexpected death of youth and people disappearing from time to time. I felt pain for it is close to what is happening here in Kenya where younger people are being , many are tortured during demonstrations, many innocent people are injured. All this awakens and I have come to realise that reparation is needed in these realities. Through listening, being with them and receiving the young people with a none judgment heart for each one holds a different pain. It is a call for me to be an ambassorder of peace wherever I am through embracing dialogue, accepting others as I accept myself.

The sharing of sisters from Irand caught my attention especially their availiability to collaborate with the parish. I see it is connected to our community here where by we have a chance to accompany the outstations of our parish during lent especially on the way of the cross. This experience has helped me to discover that reparation is more of being than having; being among the people, praying together, participating where I could was a life giving. The gestures of listening, encouraging and present where means of consolation and gave them hope to their meseries. Through this experience I got an insight of looking at human beings not as strangers but as brothers and sisters.

All the sharings of our sisters helped me to put a human being at the centre of our charism and I treasure this value because through it lives are being restored and were there is life there is God.