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Mother Mary of Jesus

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General Council

The sisters who are at the service of the whole congregation

Consejo General 2013

The General Chapter of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix took place in Loyola, Spain from May 1 to 28, 2013. Representatives of the twenty-three countries where more than 600 Sisters of Mary Reparatrix live and minister gathered for this event. Part of the agenda was dedicated to a time of discernment as preparation for the election of congregational leadership for the next six years. We are pleased to announce that Aurora Torres, from Mexico, was elected the Superior General (second from left). Elected to collaborate with her are General Councilors: (left to right) Marguerite Convert from France, Tomasa Gomez from Spain and Antonett Chebet from Kenyan.

The Mystery of Jesus in his profound “emptying” as expressed in the Letter to the Philippians was the underlying biblical theme of the General Chapter which declared that “we wish to live a coherent Christian life as women religious called to the charism of reparation with Mary, no matter what the circumstances.” General Chapters are intended to be times of renewal for congregational members.

The invitation from this Chapter is a renewed focus on the “internationality” aspect of our congregation. The sisters who gathered In Loyola lived a rich multicultural experience of listening and sharing among themselves. We want to continue to deepen the communion that exists among us, appreciate more deeply our diversity and share in the joys, sufferings and concerns of one another. In this way we hope to grow in respect and compassion for all others and together manifest God’s tender love for the world.

Maison générale
Casa general, Roma
Aurora Torres, SMR
H. Aurora Torres
S. Antonett Chebet, SMR
H. Antonett Chebet
Marguerite Convert, SMR
H. Marguerite Convert
S. Tomasa Gomez, smr
H. Tomasa Gomez