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Mother Mary of Jesus
  • Jesus, whose Heart is attentive, would like so much to hear a loving word from us.1
Mother Mary of Jesus

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An invitation to

journey with us?

I ponder the question:
What will I do with my life ?
Will I marry? Or remain single?
Or seriously ask myself the question:
Why not choose religious life?
What a challenge!
Maybe my family and friends will not understand?
Maybe they will think I’m crazy!


And still this choice
could be for me
a real way of life…

If this is an invitation you feel
within your heart;
if you have been asking yourself these questions
for some time... then

and do not be afraid,
the Lord is with you...

But of course you realise
that you do not
start out on a new way of life
straight away!
During a period of training,
you will go through different stages:
pre-novice, novice...
Each stage will enable you to know
the congregation better;
but also to know yourself better
and to discern if this is
God’s Plan for you;
if this is your road to happiness
and freedom!
The passage from one stage to another
is made in mutual discernment,
between the candidate
and the congregation.
At the beginning of the training period
You will continue professional or student life,
except during the time of the novitiate.
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