Kenya, Ndavaya
Project in education and training for women, young girls and their families


This project starts this year 2021 with a clear option for women's education as a means of empowerment.

The macho and patriarchal mentality in the area has led to girls and women not being valued and, in many cases, treated as objects and exposed to social and economic vulnerability. This vulnerability is directly related to poverty, family violence, school dropouts, early marriages and unwanted pregnancies among other factors.

This project aims to empower women and girls through training, seminars and workshops about their rights and responsibilities. Food will also be provided to poor families.

The areas of action are:

-To enable 100 girls to learn skills through seminars.

-Training 100 women on how to help themselves and their daughters through working groups.

-To provide food to poor families and help with school fees.

The project is giving LIFE to the girls and women of Ndavaja, helping them to grow up and become aware of who they are. This has an impact on families in general.

We thank God for this project, for the women who are engaged in it and helping other women to empower themselves.