Peru, Ensenada, Lima
Casa Betania smr


The Congregation of Marie Reparatrice has been living in La Ensenada for 15 years, sharing its joys and sorrows with its neighbours.  We live in this reality and have our eyes and hearts set on it, which is why we analyse the situation and from this analysis we try to respond to the different problems. 

This has led us to promote work programmes with women, with young people, with parents, also offering spaces for listening and psychological care. We are aware that the Kingdom of God is based on the dignity of the person and the satisfaction of basic needs, which is the right of every person.

Casa Betania wants to be a sign of the Kingdom in La Ensenada, an experience of reparation in all aspects: personal, social and spiritual. .... "only love makes reparation". We are inspired by Jesus and his meetings in Betania, with his close friends, where he went to rest, to recover after the mission, to converse and to find, surely through these conversations, new illusions and hopes. Jesus went to Bethany to repair himself as a person in order to repair others. We want "Casa Betania" to be a place of encounter, welcome, accompaniment and growth in order to live each time as Sons and Daughters of God.

We wish to contribute to the integral growth of individuals and families, through the different programmes that make up "Casa Betania".

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