Uganda, Bisanje
Older orphans project


The older orphans project in Bisanje, western Uganda, supports 22 orphans aged 18 years and over with education and vocational training, in order to help them improve their prospects of employment and income generation.

The project team includes SMR sisters from the Bisanje community and lay volunteers.

Depending on the need, we have offered counselling and mentoring to some older orphans and their guardians/parents, in a one-to-one setting and as a group. We have worked with different methods, reflecting on the person’s life story, using various questionnaires for personal interviews, and exploring their interests and abilities. This has enabled the older orphans and their guardians/parents to be helped more holistically, taking into account the mental and social factors that contribute to their wellbeing.

The project enables us to offer education to young people and ultimately to offer possibilities for a dignified life as Sons and Daughters of God.

Solidarity, attention to the person, welcoming and listening are some of the values that are lived in the project and help us to transmit the TENDERNESS OF GOD FOR THE WORLD.


Older orphans project