Uganda, Bisanje
Vulnerable, elderly people


The situation of the elderly requires special attention. They who have struggled all their lives deserve to have the basics for a dignified life. From the charism of reparation we feel called to special attention for the most vulnerable, among them the elderly.

This project supports 53 elderly people living in extreme poverty, many of whom are isolated because they live in rural areas far from their families.

The Sisters of Marie Reparatrice, together with lay people in solidarity with them, are carrying out this project by prioritising:

-Accompanying the elderly. Attention, listening and care for their needs.  Many of them are totally alone and isolated, far from neighbours and relatives.

-Covering their basic food needs.

-Supporting treatment in case of illness.

"Where there is a wounded and humiliated heart there is a place for reparation".


Vulnerable, elderly people