Uganda, Kagoma
Women's empowerment project


The Sisters of Marie Reparatrice have been living with the people of Kagoma for several years. From this experience of life, of listening to the people and of closeness to the people, we listen to the cry of the women.

This project focuses on helping elderly and sick women in the community of Kagoma with various areas of activity:

-Weekly meetings among these women of the same community for a sharing of experiences.

-Health care. Encourage the families of the women and elderly women to visit the health facilities and if necessary, support them financially with treatments and medicines.

-Household items. Solar lamps have been provided so that they can have light in a more affordable way. They are also helped to maintain minimum hygiene in their homes.

-Nutrition/Food distribution. Nutritional care is given to the elderly women who need it most.

In the style of Jesus, close and in solidarity, our presence in Kagoma wants to be a sign of the Kingdom of God, which makes itself present in closeness, welcome, listening to the cry of the people and justice.


Women's empowerment project