From the beginning of the Congregation, the mission of Reparation was conceived to be shared with lay men and women, as well as with priests, who are attracted to this call.

The breadth of Reparation is so great that it touches sectors of society that are more easily accessible to lay people, than to religious.

In this sense, the Second Vatican Council recommends the Christian laity to insert themselves in the fields of politics, culture, family, economy, etc., in order to regenerate a more just society, especially where the poor are exploited and exterminated. The way to situate oneself in this mission finds its model in the figure of Mary, who chooses the poor (Luke 1,39) and lives among them in simplicity, "without ostentation and noise," and without fear of risk.

This kind of life can gradually transform the mentality of a world where neo-capitalism is wreaking havoc, where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

The Congregation of Marie Reparatrice offers all the means at its disposal, to live the spirit of reparation, and currently, the Lay Associates are present in several countries.