Volunteers: who we are
and what we do

We are a group of lay volunteers of Marie Reparatrice who, motivated and united by solidarity and empathy with the most vulnerable in society, unite our lives, ideas, creativity and resources for this purpose. Our aim is to improve people's quality of life, to bring out the best in them, and for them to experience God's presence, tenderness, love and care. We want to be a family and friends who are here to support and grow with each other.

Our beginning as a group was inspired by the Charism of Reparation, which we came to know through the Sisters of Marie Reparatrice and their service and love for others. Reparation brought us together and the richness and breadth of this charism made us realise that it is not exclusive, but can be extended to all those who identify with it, regardless of religious beliefs, culture, age, etc. This is the reason for the diversity of our group. 

Our solidarity is expressed through and from a Project, "Casa Betania smr" where we share this active and social mission with the sisters of Marie Reparatrice, through work with the elderly, children, women, in play groups, school support, visits to families, solidarity Sundays, listening spaces and spiritual and psychological accompaniment, scholarship programme, housing projects and various workshops in La Ensenada Community, in Lima-Peru.

This group creates a space, through solidarity and welcome, that encourages an encounter, a personal experience with God, which little by little, awakens and transforms our lives, in finding a God who is more human, who is close to and in solidarity with all.  Our group is a community, which helps us in this process. The Charism of Reparation, which we accept as a way of life, is a powerful strength and animates our work in solidarity, hence the importance of working together with the Sisters of Marie Reparatrice. Reparation has consolidated our call to solidarity and all of us who form part of this group feel like a family, we feel at home and we are deepening this call more and more.