Apostolic life

A simple, open and welcoming life in service and availability to all and a preference for the most disadvantaged are some of the evangelical signs that we are always called to focus on, in order to be prophetic in today's world. Our apostolic activities are an expression of our charism.

"Because Christ considers what we do for others as done to himself, wherever Christ is ignored or outraged in his suffering and humiliated members, there we find a place for Reparation. 

...Everything in our life has an apostolic character... our Congregation wishes to be present by a more direct cooperation in the evangelical mission of the Church." (C 36,37).

Our apostolic service is oriented towards what leads to the awakening, growth and deepening of faith, as well as the promotion of human development:

  • Accompanying through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.
  • Accompanying individuals and groups seeking to encounter God.
  • Faith formation
  • Working for human dignity and justice in the world.

Networking with other religious and lay people.