Eucharistic Spirituality

“The Eucharist renews for us the sacrifice of Christ.  Source and Summit of the Christian life, it is the Sacrament of His presence at the centre of our community... Where it is celebrated, adored and lived in faith.  Its grace empowers us to show forth in our lives the permanent presence of Christ, God’s gift which He unceasingly offers to the world…

… The Eucharist, sacrament of love, enables us to live in union with all people. It keeps alive in us the family spirit which unites us in mind and heart.” (C. 11)

The Eucharist introduces us to a new way of relating with God and with our brothers and sisters. It leads us to live in a permanent Paschal attitude. The true experience of God not only integrates us interiorly, but also integrates us with reality.

We cannot partake of the Eucharistic bread without committing ourselves to a life of greater solidarity, working for justice, reconciliation and the safeguarding of all creation.

Living and working for justice is a constitutive, essential and integrating element of being community and church. We cannot separate reparation from the practice of justice. (cf. C. 36, 58).

Our solidarity stems from the Eucharistic experience: the living, resurrected presence of Jesus in the midst of our community and our people.

Solidarity among the members of the body is so essential to the Eucharist that the discovery of Jesus in those who suffer is as real a part of this worship, as the bread and the wine. The same Lord who feeds and strengthens us in the Eucharist, is the one who goes hungry in each suffering member; the one who knocks at our door asking for help (Cf Mt 25).