Spirituality of justice, peace and integrity of creation

In the image of the TRINITY, all created things are interrelated and sustained by the embrace of the divine community in love. All three Persons are totally turned towards suffering humanity. They come out of themselves to cooperate in their love for humanity, thus creating a unity of mercy. The person and the whole universe are at the centre of the movement of reparative love. (Cf. SE 107)

The cosmos is our common home. We live in an intense relationship with it and, as we change it, we too are transformed. The cosmos is a gift that came from God's hands as an expression of Godself. God continues to accompany the incessant evolution, in a continuous creation.

The deliberate destruction of any part of creation involves disfiguring the image of Christ, present in all creation. Christ suffers not only when people's rights are violated and exploited, but also when the seas, rivers and forests are desecrated. When creation is perceived as sacramental, as a manifestation and path to God, we are urged to repair, transform our relationships of domination and power with others into a relationship of reverence and respect.

Contemplating God's presence in the beauty of creation leads us to a change of mentality, that is, to conversion.