Spirituality of Mary

Woman of the People for God and Woman of God for the People

“In Mary, the first Reparatrix, we see what we must be in order to respond to our vocation with a heart like hers: generous in love, joyful in self-giving and renunciation, always in the service of the Kingdom…

… From Mary, we learn how to follow Jesus on the path He accepted for our redemption” (C4)

Mary freely accepts to collaborate with God's plan. She is a self-determined woman; a human and free woman of her people and with her people, who lives in the midst of her reality. We too are called to be like Mary for Jesus with the poor, the marginalized, with women who are abused and with so many people who are in need....

Called to live the attitudes of Mary: as a sister, friend, mother, disciple, an active collaborator of Him, so that our Magnificat may be a prophetic prayer that helps us to be in solidarity and attentive to all that oppresses humanity.

Mary's virginity is a symbol of her autonomy and integrity; a sign that a woman is not only defined by her relationship with men. Her YES to God was also, a YES to the totality of her being; she makes her life available in an autonomous way. Mary's virginity encourages us to freely live our commitment, like her, in today’s world.