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Veronica Blake, S.M.R. Region Leadership Team Member 2504 Colonial Lane

Port Huron, MI 48060

September 15, 2020

Like many other religious congregations of women, our international congregation, Sisters of Mary Reparatrix, including its Region in the United States, though vibrant and committed, is becoming older and fewer in number. To meet the needs of our members and the Region itself, we created a new statute to guide our governance which includes a new position for a Lay Collaborator. We are now actively seeking a woman, religious or lay, who could fulfill that position which is described below:

An Invitation to Women in Michigan | New York | New Jersey | Connecticut | Ohio | Pennsylvania |Indiana| to Consider Serving Among Women Religious on a Journey of Transition

We Sisters of Mary Reparatrix (SMR), in the U.S.A., are members of an International community of women religious, rooted in the love of Christ, led by the Spirit, who manifest the tender love of God and seek to bring healing to a broken world.

We are in search of our first Lay Collaborator (LC) for SMR US Region members. We have a couple of questions for you with respect to this gem of an opportunity. They are intended to be thought provoking. They are deep. Proceed if you so choose.

Is your next career decision leaning toward a “calling” more than toward a job? Does it bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart, when you imagine being central to the journey of completion for eleven US Region members primarily in MI and NY? Does it bring you peace of heart and mind to know that establishing relationships with women religious that are enduring and rooted in trust, compassion, and respect is the reason this role exists? If you are practically jumping up and down responding with a joyful YES to these questions, then you certainly are a strong candidate for the role of Lay Collaborator (LC) for the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix, USA. We invite you to apply. Please submit, a cover letter with your resume or CV, via email and to the attention of Therese Malm, our search collaborator. Below is an overview of the role. A more detailed job description will be shared with those that apply.

Lay Collaborator Description Overview

Working closely with SMR USA Region Leadership Team, the Lay Collaborator (LC) has two primary areas of focus, pastoral and administrative. Establishing enduring relationships with SMR rooted in trust, compassion and respect is priority in carrying out each of the Pastoral focused responsibilities. In all pastoral duties the LC seeks ways to integrate the spirit and charism of SMR. The LC will visit communities and individual sisters which calls for prudence, warmth, and strength. The second primary area of focus, the professional administrative responsibilities, include but are not limited to, frequent reporting, updating, resolving health insurance issues, independently scheduling visits, as well as, organizing and communicating regarding all aspects of Assemblies. LC responsibilities are all accomplished in collaboration with the Leadership team to whom the LC reports.

Thank you for your prayerful attention to this request,

Veronica Blake, S.M.R.

Region Leadership Team Member